About NPStudios

We are a production Studio based in Portugal, specialized in Multimedia, Photography, Video and Digital Art.

About the Founder.

Nuno Palha Studied Painting in SNBA and Photojournalism in CENJOR in 2004, and quickly turned his passion into a lifestyle, working as a professional fashion, commercial and wedding photographer, doing exhibitions, instalations and other artistic collaborations in several fields and different markets for 16 years.

In 2010 he opened his first fashion Studio and started shooting campaigns in Paris, Editorials in Milan and many other works in Portugal.

In 2012 he was considered one of the best wedding photographers in the world and started working internationally, year after year, from India to Italy, Romania to Caribean , United Kingdom to Dubai , amongst other destinations.

In September 2019 Nuno decided to take a break to re-shape his style and give his body and mind a deserving “break”.

After 18 months, he launched Nuno Palha Studios as a way to bring together all his experience in Visual Arts and storytelling to help companies share their messages in a beautiful and visually aesthetic way.

Nuno is also an active entrepreneur and co-founder of several brands at

This website will be updated soon. Meanwhile, you can visit his old website HERE and follow his Instagram HERE or Tumblr HERE.